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      thedral Cove

      thedral Cove

      thedral Cove, New Zealand
      non EOS 5D Mark III | ISO 100 | 25mm | 133 sec | F/16

      thedral Cove is loted on New Zealand’s Coromandel’s peninsula — south east of Auckland on the North Island. Quite simply, it is a long exposure photographer’s delight. We only had an afternoon in this lotion — but this turned out as one of my favourite images of the trip. You n read more about our visit there on our shared blog Clicks & Trips.

      Windy Night

      Vantage, Washington, USA
      non EOS 5D Mark III | ISO 200 | 32mm | 243 sec | F/4

      From last night on the Wild Horse Wind & Solar Facility in Vantage. The conditions were challenging for star photography with a full supermoon and a cloudy sky. We experimented for a few hours with both short and long exposures. In the end, long exposures which highlighted the bright streaking clouds won out.

      The final image is a composite of 3 frames: a low-ISO long exposure (4 min) for the majority of the scene, a high-ISO short exposure (0.3 sec) to pture the spinning blades of the wind mill, and a final exposure that shows Nate manually lighting up the wind mill for sle.

      Dungeness Lighthouse

      Dungeness Spit, Washington, USA
      non EOS 5D Mark III | ISO 100 | 32mm | 134 sec | F/8

      Another long exposure image — this one from our Sunday hike to the lighthouse at the end of Dungeness Spit on the Olympic Peninsula. The weather was that perfect mix of sun and cloud with a strong wind to boot — ideal for those wispy clouds… This was the last frame of the afternoon before we turned back for our 6-mile beach hike back to reality.


      Seattle, Washington, USA
      non EOS 5D Mark III | ISO 100 | 25mm | 1.3 sec | F/16

      From a photowalk with friends at the Kubota Garden this morning. ?I surprised myself by converting this image to black and white — despite its original vivid colour and luminosity. ?The texture in the image was generated in mera (not in post-processing as is quite popular) as a result of the mera shake I applied during the exposure.

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      Bandon, Oregon, USA
      non EOS 5D Mark III | ISO 100 | 20mm | 240 sec | F/7.1

      Another Memorial Day week-end, another trip to Bandon… ?This time we me better equipped with both 6 and 10-stop neutral density filters to enable us to pture much longer exposure images. ?This particular shot was taken at a disappointing and windy sunset. ?Despite the bitterly cold and gusty wind, Nate stood nearly motionless?on this flooded rock for 4 full minutes! ?The image was solely post-processed in Lightroom. ?Although I originally edited out the ND filter-induced vignette, I ended up leaving it in.